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Send potential customers to any page on your website. No mis-typing your web address. No searching and ending up on your competitors site. Read more about webkeys For more information and a quote talk to us today:

CD & DVD Printing, Replication & Duplication
USB Flash Drive / Memory Stick

Branded USB Drives

Marketers, Universities and Retailers have looked to HDC New Media for a wide variery A Grade industry quality USB Flash Drives. At competative prices. Learm about USB Flash Drives



CD, DVD & Blu-Ray

Replication and Duplication

Digital, Screen & Lithographic CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Printing. Your audio/visual replicated to disc from your masters. Bulk duplication of CD’s, DVD’s & Blu-Ray At Affordable Prices. Read more about cd, dvd & blu-ray printing, replication & duplication For more information and a quote talk to us today

CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Printing, Replication & Duplication
Video Brochure example


Video In Print

Revolutionise your marketing by placing your video in a the hands of your prospective customers! Convey your message in a memorable and unforgettable way with a beautiful video brochure. Learn more about video brochures:

CD, DVD Vinyl & Digital Media

From off the shelf items such as plastic cases with printed paper parts or printed card wallets, to fully customised bespoke packaging which is unique, for your product alone. At Affordable Prices. read more about cd, dvd & vinyl packaging & print For more information and a quote talk to us today:

Vinyl, CD & DVD Packaging
Vinyl Record Pressing

Quality Vinyl Record Pressing

Full vinyl pressing service,  7, 10 or 12″, black, white, colour or picture, light or heavy weight. From 100 to 100,000 units at affordable prices. read more about vinyl pressing For more information and a quote talk to us today:

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