Sell Complex Products With Video Brochures

Selling products and services that are complex can be a lengthy challenging process. Generally those products and services have a higher price and so can be perceived as a high risk purchase.

How can we convey sufficient understanding of complexities so that the purchaser is confident that it is a risk worth taking? (more…)

The Key to Driving Traffic to your Website


Have you ever thrown a party where no one has turned up? The balloons are blown, decorations hung, birthday candles lit, limbo rod balanced precariously on the top of the couple of chairs, donkeys tail already removed. You thought the planning was all in place, but then it dawns on you; you didn’t include your address on the invites. An existential crisis maybe, but at least it is an instance where you can have your cake and eat it. Launching a new website can feel very much like this, no matter how much preparation is done prior to launch, if prospects, or clients, don’t know how to find you, chances are they won’t show up. read more…

Printing Processes

What is Digital Printing?

cd gold printingIn the family of print processes digital printing is the baby of the bunch at just 24 years of age. The name is derived from its set up process as the image which is required to be printed is taken directly from a digital source, namely a computer file. This method is the go to option for short run, quick turn around projects, as compared to alternative printing methods – such as screen and lithographic, the set up process, in terms of time consumption, is minimal. read more…

Safe To Go

Don’t let a memory lapse result in data loss.

safe to go encrypted usb flash driveWe’ve all experienced that last minute dash; under couch cushions, over wardrobes, tracking back step by step to locate a misplaced item.

When said item is your keys, wallet or purse such a predicament can be little more than a mild inconvenience, but if the item is a flash drive containing vital, important, or even classified information the loss could be somewhat more damning. read more…