Case Study: Video Brochure Instruction Manuals

“Vastly reduced support calls and product returns”

Technifold sell technology to printing companies to eradicate print finishing problems. They are based in Leicester.

We spoke to Managing Director Graham Harris who told us how they have used HDC video brochures to provide video Instruction manuals, resulting in vastly reduced support calls and product returns.

Hi Graham,

Tell us what were you using before video brochure instruction manuals?

We used a printed instructional manual and a DVD. Despite this we found that customers called us for help with trouble-shooting ideas, it was clear they weren’t referring to the instruction manual or DVD.

The phone calls from resellers and customers who needed help were taking too much time to deal with.

video brochure creasestream case study
video brochure creasestream case study - the operator presses the play button to access the corresponding video instruction
video brochure creasestream case study - video screenshot from video brochure

So, why video brochure?

I based my decision to use the video brochure on my own experience with assembling home products such as cupboards etc. Just like me I assumed that most people are daunted by the thought of reading through a written instruction manual, particularly when problems arise.

I liked the idea of my customers opening up a cover and instantly seeing, in a visual way, how to assemble our products and find out how to solve problems if they occurred.

Has it helped you to overcome those challenges you mentioned?

Trouble shooting calls are now non-existent which frees up more time to focus on selling.

Our customers often compliment us on creating a simple instructional tool for them to instantly rectify problems as they occur.

And one of the biggest benefits is that we can reduce demonstrations using a technician or sales person and send our machines direct to the customer, the video brochure goes a long way in doing their work.

At first our resellers told me that such a tool was more novelty and would only add cost to them and their customer. Now they have seen how it saves them and their customers not only money but precious time, and you can’t put a price on that.

Customers are wowed by the video brochure.

video brochure creasestream case study - opening video brochure triggers video to play
video brochure creasestream case study - the video instruction
video brochure creasestream case study - video instruction brochure

That’s brilliant! What would you say is your favourite feature?

The look on our customers faces when they open up the cover…

Everyone is always so impressed and tell us how clever we are for including the video brochure, yes we lap up the adulation and take all the credit.

The best feature is the trouble shooting section because we included everything that might go wrong and our customers really appreciate the fact that they can be next to our machines as they go through them.

Would you say video brochures are helping you to achieve your business goals?

Yes. It has helped make our customers experience of using our products so much easier! 

We have also seen a significant increase in internet sales and we are more confident to ship our products direct to the customer.

It is also important to emphasise that

returned products have decreased to almost zero, solely down to the video brochure doing its job.

video brochure creasestream case study - instant play video
video brochure creasestream case study - the video instruction
the full set of video instruction manuals for Technifold

Are there any specific metrics you can share about the impact it has had?

It is hard to quantify because we can’t measure this exactly, but it would equate to significant savings in time and money.

It has definitely led to more sales, maybe 15% more.

Thankyou so much Graham for giving us this insight from your perspective.

Finally, if you had to choose just one reason to recommend video brochures, what would it be?

Customers love the video brochure!

It makes them feel you are forward thinking and innovative, and that you have their best interests at heart. As much as anything you cared to make their job a lot easier and this is something they respect.

Graham Harris MD

video brochure creasestream case study - the look on customers faces when they open the video brochure is a sight to behold