Branded USB flash drives have become a standard way to promote your business. There is virtually no limit to the type of data that can be stored on them; you can have audio, video and text all in one place; a service which is an impossibility for your run of the mill promotional products.

The crux here is although your content will no doubt engage your prospective client; a USB flash drive alone may not. So how can you set yours apart from the rest, maximise impact, make your brand memorable and get the best response with this simple promotional product?

Take a moment, open the drawer on your desk and see if there are any branded USB flash drives in there, or ask around your office; chances are there are.

How do you stop your branded USB from being thrown on to the promo pile? Is there a secret?

A solution which more & more of our clients are choosing is to the package their USB flash drive.

USB Packaging large wooden boxThe importance of packaging is paramount

The importance of packaging is paramount, not only as a way to protect your product, but as a way to present your brand, creating a sense of emotional engagement; whether to prospect, colleague or fan, as well as boosting the perceived value of your product & business.


Over the years we have noticed that options for USB flash drive packaging can sometimes seem limited and uninspiring, especially if you wish to use the USB flash drive packaging to display artwork or technical information.


This was the challenge we took on with enthusiasm…

wooden box USB PackagingInspired by the digipack, a form of board packaging with a plastic tray to hold either a CD or DVD, we have developed a variant specifically designed to hold a variety of USB flash drives. We can even produce the USB flash drive packaging with a shallower tray so that it can hold a credit card USB.

The tray used for our USB flash drive packaging is spring loaded, that way it will hold your USB flash drive securely in place. The inside of the panel which covers the tray can be utilised for displaying company literature, technical specifications, product information or anything else to inspire the recipient to insert the flash drive into their computer. Leaving the front and back of the packaging available to be printed with any artwork of your choice.

Add USB packaging when you want to:

Engage your audience.

Add additional information.

Protect your product.

Build your brand.

Add perceived value to your product & business.

Set your branded USB apart from the rest.

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