Don’t let a memory lapse result in data loss.

safe to go encrypted usb flash driveWe’ve all experienced that last minute dash; under couch cushions, over wardrobes, tracking back step by step to locate a misplaced item.

When said item is your keys, wallet or purse such a predicament can be little more than a mild inconvenience, but if the item is a flash drive containing vital, important, or even classified information the loss could be somewhat more damning.

Did you know:

  • Globally more than 20 million unprotected flash drives are lost every year.
  • More than 62% in a recent survey confirm that a data breach was caused by sensitive or confidential information contained on a missing flash drive that was not encrypted.
  • The costs of data losses are far reaching; lost intellectual property, lost productivity and legal, consulting, regulatory expenses and fines.

When such information is held in consideration it’s easily realised the importance on protecting your data.

So what’s the solution? We are all human after all, and most definitely fallible, so there is no way to completely self guard against a flash drive being misplaced.

Maybe you could get the data on your device software encrypted? Well that would allow some security, but if software can encrypt the information, then software can decrypt it as well, so it’s not totally secure.

The solution is SafeToGo hardware encrypted USB flash drives, one of only two hardware encrypted USB flash drives available, which can be managed externally by its own software package, which is aptly named SafeConsole.

SafeToGo is housed in an aluminium body with the highest grade Toshiba memory chip, which is encrypted by a 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) XTS hardware module and password protected in such a way that you are also protected from brute-force attacks (a form of hacking where an automated program will try and enter different combinations of keyboard strokes until a password match is found). The drive components are also resin coated, so if the device was disassembled then the internal components would be damaged beyond use.

If you are already familiar with hardware encrypted USB flash drives then you will be aware that there are other products on the market, some of which are also encrypted using a 256-bit AES XTS hardware module. So besides the robust construction, branding options & competitive pricing what makes SafeToGo different from other models on the market? With other models if the product is lost, although the data is safe, it can not be retrieved. And although they are password protected what happens if the password is forgotten? Safeguarding against such problems is what gives SafeToGo its unique selling point, as it can be managed externally by its own software package entitled SafeConsole.

SafeConsole offers the following attributes to offer further security, confidence and compliance with existing and forthcoming data protection regulations:

  • Supports multiple devices
  • Resets forgotten passwords
  • Automates inventory directory listings of all users
  • Full audit trail on all device actions and file changes
  • Ensure data is protected by a password which matches your companies security standards
  • Recreate data from lost devices
  • The ability to disable drives if lost, or perform a factory reset via the internet

Although it is paramount to protect your businesses information, it is a legal requirement to protect those of your clients. The new EU Data Protection Regulation is currently being transitioned and is looking to be in full force by early 2017. This means even stricter regulations on how data breaches are controlled and notified, with huge fines to be implemented on organisations which do not properly report data breaches. By imposing strict rules within your business, as to how your data in managed, by utilising devices such as SafeToGo then you avoid the risk of breach, which means no requirement to report, which in turn eradicates the risk of fines and sanctions.

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