Have you ever thrown a party where no one has turned up? The balloons are blown, decorations hung, birthday candles lit, limbo rod balanced precariously on the top of the couple of chairs, donkeys tail already removed. You thought the planning was all in place, but then it dawns on you; you didn’t include your address on the invites. An existential crisis maybe, but at least it is an instance where you can have your cake and eat it. Launching a new website can feel very much like this, no matter how much preparation is done prior to launch, if prospects, or clients, don’t know how to find you, chances are they won’t show up.


One of the simplest & accessible ways to advertise your business, product or service is on the internet. The number of households in the UK which have internet access has increased by 7.07 million in the last 8 years alone; currently 84% of all households in Britain have access to the internet, so the market potential is gargantuan. But as there are currently close to 1 billion live websites, the competition to drive people to your website is extremely fierce. If your prospect is to find you through a search engine then chances are they are also going to look at a series of your competitors as well. You need to find a way to promote your website, whilst standing on the shoulders of your competitors, on a platform that is a constant state of flux.

A way to help promote your website, in order to drive prospects to it, is to include your URL within other aspects of your marketing materials, creating a network of cross media marketing; such materials would be an obvious solution for a direct mail campaign. So obvious in fact that any marketer worth their salt are doing it, bringing you back to square one, an overly competitive market place where you’re still jostling for elbow room, let alone space to grow.

If you’re a new kid on the block there is good chance that your website will rank low on organic search engine listings, making you almost invisible to prospective users, unless their search term is quite specific. A common solution to allow your website to appear on the first page of search engines is through the use of pay-per-click online advertising, such as Google Adwords. This is a quick fix solution, which can be costly, as well as time consuming when it comes to the upkeep of the ads; you will be required to regularly check and assign positive and negative keywords, check geographic performance statistics, add and amend ad groups, as well as monitor performance amongst different devices. Some research even suggests that the majority of people who use search engines will choose to click an organic link, rather than a promoted one.


Can we find a way to simply drive prospects to a website, get better response rates? Can we achieve it in a way that is original, compelling and of course cost effective?

Through our own use we believe we have found a product which can help solve this problem.

The webkey is a device which will directly drive traffic to your website.

The product itself comes in 2 main variants:

(i) As a part of a USB flash drive, rather than having a memory chip the device contains a small data file which acts in the same way as clicking a hyperlink.

(ii) Or as a part of a printed board product, such a flyer or a brochure.

When the webkey is inserted into the USB port of a computer it will automatically open the devices default web browser, without any requirement to download software, and enter the URL which has been programmed, this could be the home page of your website or your offer page.

Not only an intriguing way to drive prospects to your website, the webkey response is trackable via web analytics tools. You can record data from whomever has inserted the device into the computer. This is a most effective way to properly track the success of your product, in terms of prospect usage, as it provides you with the confidence to know that you have a way to successfully track your company’s marketing material, as well as to ascertain its success.webkey3slide2

Now consider if your direct mail campaigns had such functions. Rather than sending out a letter or leaflet enclosed in a boring manila envelope, only to be lost within the post pile, you instead send out a vibrantly printed, bespoke cut board webkey. It’s arrived through your clients door, the technology is so intriguing it instantly engages your prospect in a way which the other letters & leaflets do not. You achieve instantaneous action from your prospect as they are compelled to insert the webkey into their computer. They have not had chance to read the copy on the board, & the website is just opening, but you have already instilled in them a message that your business stands out, is current and embraces forward thinking ideas. The foundations for conversion have already been built, allowing your fantastic website to seal the deal.

Or perhaps you are at a trade show or exhibition, image how your company literary will stand out amongst the abundance of information and giveaways people will receive that day.

So next time you throw a party, be sure to not only remember the importance of the invites, but also remember the importance of the webkey.

Find out more about supercharging your conversion rate with USB Webkeys.

If you would like to know how you can go about ordering some webkeys of your own, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Whether by phone or email one of our expert account managers will be more than happy to answer any questions which you may have.


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