Outstanding Packaging and Print

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but does that extend to disc, vinyl & USB flash drive. The importance of packaging if paramount, not only as a way to protect your product, but as a first point of contact for your users, whether prospect, colleague or fan.

We offer a plethora of packaging options for all and any of our products, from off the shelf items such as plastic cases with printed paper parts or printed card wallets, to fully customised bespoke packaging which is unique, for your product alone.

If you don’t see a packaging option that suits your project then why not give us a call or email and see what we can get manufactured for you.

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CD Packaging
DVD Packaging
  • DVD Packaging 2 way case
    2 Way DVD Case
  • 4 Page CD Digifile
  • 4 Page CD Digipack With Diagonal Die Cut
  • 4 Page DVD Digipack with Double Disc Tray and Diagonal Die Cut
  • 6 Page CD Digipack Centre Tray
  • 6 Page CD Digipack Die Cut
  • 6 Page DVD Digipack Centre Tray
  • 6 Page DVD Stud Pack and Die Cut to left panel
  • 8 Page CD Digipack 2 Trays
  • Card Wallet with Bespoke Hole
  • Card Wallet with Hole
  • CD CardWallet
  • CD Jewellcase Booklet
  • DVD Digifile
  • 4 page Digipack DVD packaging
    DVD Digipack 4 Page
  • Dvd Inlay
  • Jakebox
  • Lancing Wallet
  • maltese cross cd or dvd packaging
    Maltese Cross Pack
  • Paper Over Board Rigid Digifile (Casebound Book)
  • Poppac
  • Q-Wallet
  • RePlay Dual Slot (Recycled)
  • 100% recycled CD/DVD case
    Resleeve (Recycled)
  • ReSleeve with Hole (Recycled)
  • Standard Digipack