Selling products and services that are complex can be a lengthy challenging process. Generally those products and services have a higher price and so can be perceived as a high risk purchase.

How can we convey sufficient understanding of complexities so that the purchaser is confident that it is a risk worth taking? According to Trevor L. Brown co-author of the award winning ‘Complex Contracting’,

“Complex products have important qualities that cannot be easily and clearly spelled out in advance”

The challenge is to be able to communicate those qualities to the potential customer in a way that is clearly understandable, demonstrating a solution to their need.

Couple this with the difficulty of getting ourselves or our sales team in front of our likely best customers, especially when a solution is not being actively sought, is a hard task.

More and more vendors of complex products and services are combining the benefits of digital and physical media as the break-thru element of their solution to this challenge. Namely digital video embedded in a physical brochure.

Paradigm solved the problem of explaining several aspects of their service with a page turning video brochure

Paradigm used a page turning video brochure (each time a page is turned a new corresponding video plays) to explain several different aspects to their service.

You can read the case study here.

Lets go through our suggested formula for successfully selling a complex product:

  1. Target it
  2. Break it down
  3. Video it
  4. Gift wrap it
  5. Give it

1. Target

Who is going to see our video? We should make sure that we understand their needs and the benefits that will resonate most with them so we can plan our video and supporting brochure content.

2. Break It Down

Just as a large wordy document or proposal can be daunting and can be consigned to the ‘when I have more time’ pile (which of course seldom materialises) a lengthy video may not get played or the most appropriate sections remain unreached.

Breaking down complex products into manageable nuggets is an often used technique for enabling better communication of the complex.

Each of these manageable nuggets can form the basis of our videos.

3. Video it

Who or how will our content be presented?

Having relevant people on hand during it’s production will likely be most helpful. A combination of sales team and technical expert can help us balance technical explanation with benefits and USP.

Video enables us to put our complex message across using our best means and our best people.

If we have broken our subject down then we can organise our video brochure into several video chapters with a contents list and play button for each.

This enables us to present complexity in a way that our recipient can watch in manageable chunks or can skip to relevant sections. Including the time for each video chapter in the contents list also helps him or her know what to expect and how much of a comittment they are making to watch our video.

Alternatively a page turning video brochure like the one used by Paradigm enables the recipient to see and hear our message page by page.

4. Gift Wrap It

Subtitle: How to get the right people to watch video of our complex product?

Typical places for our carefully crafted video are of course our website and You Tube and there is no reason not to place our video there.

The problem with those channels are that our ideal target customers are not that likely to see our video. Email campaigns may help, but have to fight for attention in the typically bursting inbox or PA filter.

Video Brochures are a relatively new medium that combine digital and physical media. The brochure consists of a high quality LCD screen embedded onto the printed page ‘gift wrapped’ inside a printed brochure, card, book or even presentation box (with the myriad of print and branding options that presents).

Video brochures look appealing so they are almost certainly going to be opened and our video played.

The page turning video brochure used by Paradigm

You have a special product that you know can help your target customer. A Video Brochure can be a fitting vehicle.

A special present deserves to look special.

The Video Brochure is proving to be the vehicle of choice for those who want to reach the right customers with the right message.

5. Give It

Placing our video physically into the hands of our target customer is likely to illicit the best response. Especially if it is made to look good and differentiated from run of the mill marketing.

Presenting our complex product in video or animated format is not new, but delivering that video within a printed brochure is a new powerful concept, likely to have a unique X factor for those that receive it.

Why does the Video Brochure work?


Successful clients have utilised that X factor of video brochures to present relevant areas of expertise & complexity to prospective customers.

Like Paradigm who put the video brochure in the front line of their targeted marketing as the vehicle to present a complex message. And Technifold who used it as an instruction manual wiping out help desk calls overnight.


  1. Video enables the vendor to communicate the product complexities expertly in an engaging medium, nugget by nugget.
  2. Vendors are better able to get a Video Brochure in front of the right people. Either via Direct mail or by placing it directly into their hands at conferences, trade shows and face to face meetings.
  3. The video within the brochure is much more likely to be viewed than the same video sent via email or posted on You Tube. The special look and feel of the video brochure is a unique product that is immediately accessible and engaging.


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