Turning Page Video Brochures

When you can’t describe your
services with just one page.

Case Study: Huddersfield based Paradigm make videos based on powerful storytelling techniques.

The Challenge

Paradigm wanted to showcase their powerful videos and creative method. The videos they produce for clients have a powerful impact so it was important for them to find the best way of getting their videos seen by those that matter most for the best response.

Getting people to watch on Youtube or on their website often relied on trying to get their target audience to follow a link.

Getting the most appropriate video in front of the viewer was also a challenge they were looking to solve.

The Solution

Paradigm chose video brochures – “It’s a fantastic way to get our work into people’s hands in a way that’s instantly accessible and doesn’t rely on links being followed.  Whenever anyone sees one of the books they instantly pick it up and start to flick through it” – Owen Vittanuova MD

HDC were able to offer a ‘Page Turning’ Video Book.  The Page Turning Video Book has multiple pages and as each page turns a video appropriate to the page content plays.

It particularly suited Paradigm who create a broad range of work. The page turning format allowed them to present different pieces along with accompanying printed information in a really easy to operate format.

The Results

“We’ve used the video books in one pitch so far; which we won.  We’ve started using them with new clients and prospects and the feedback has been fantastic.” – Owen Vittanuova MD