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Data load as a standalone service or free with your USB Flash Drive purchase.

Guaranteed reliability

Handled by industry professionals with 10 years experience in flash media.


24 hours

Get up to 750* USB Flash Drives Loaded Within 24 hours.

*based on 2gb per USB


15 times faster than it will take you at a typical computer.

You and your staff have better things to do with your time!

Full range of data types

Including but not limited to:

PowerPoint Presentations
PDF Files
Media Files (music, movies etc.)
Word Documents
Excel Spreadsheets
Executable applications
Other types – ask us

We can handle your distribution too

As soon as your data is loaded we can distribute your flash drives as required,

in as many consignments as you may need, anywhere in the world.

“we get all our data loading needs done really quickly and easily, freeing us up to concentrate on other tasks” Alastair

Leading Kitchen Ware Manufacturer

Join our customers who trust HDC for quality & total reliability:

We will not let you down!

We work with customers large and small - get a quote
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