direct mail usb webkey inserted into laptop and launching webpage

USB Webkeys

Supercharge Your Direct Mail Conversion Rate

Send A USB Webkey With Your Direct Mail

  1. Entice with Direct Mail
  2. Wait a few seconds
  3. Engage & convert on your website
Receive the USB Webkey in direct mail or at trade show etc

1. Receive

By direct mail, trade show giveaway, conference, handout…

Plug the USB Webkey into any computer

2. Plug In

The recipient detaches the ‘key’ and plugs it into their computer.

The Webkey automatically fires up the web page that has been coded on the web key

3. Respond & Convert

Your URL is instantly and seamlessly displayed on screen.

USB WebkeyA webkey looks like a USB memory stick, and slots into the USB port of any computer;

but instead of being used to store data its is programmable with a unique web address that will direct the user to any website

Your Key To Supercharged Direct Mail Conversion

  • Typical Conventional Direct Marketing Response Rate (0.5 – 2%) 2%
  • Typically With A USB Webkey (10-15 times more) 20%

USB WebKeys, direct marketing with supercharged results

Get a complete bespoke design card or flyer with detachable Webkey.  Here a just a few examples of what is possible.

circular webkey design for university
webkey with lanyard
bespoke A5 webkey design
We work with customers big and small to help them achieve their goals
“our webkeys arrived this morning – they look great and everyone loves them!”


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